When women let men lead

I don’t know if it is due to the culture we live in, but most of the women I know were raised with the mindset that they have to be strong, they can do everything and they don’t need any help.

I was in the same mindset until some years ago. What changed my way of thinking was a program by Andreea Raicu. She made me conscientious about the fact that “being strong” is a masculine quality. If we, as women, assume some masculine qualities, we will arrive at the point where we will compete with men. And this is not ok.

That was the moment when I realized that a woman is more beautiful when is elegant, fragile, and especially when she asks for help from the male near them.

For sure, we militate for equal rights in society. But in a couple (or in dancing), the man’s role is to lead and the woman’s role is to follow.

A woman can take care of herself on her own, but it is so nice when a man takes care of the woman near him. Women know how strong they are, but they are prettier when they are kind near men.

To be clear: I don’t sustain a Barbie image or that woman who is sustained financially 100% by their partner. I am a lady who drives her car, pays her bills, and has ownership of all the decisions regarding the house. But I am aware that in a couple, I don’t have to compete with my partner, but I have to complete him.

So, what are the women’s expectations from a man? Easy: commitment, love, protection, respect, confidence, values, decision-making… 

(the legend says that the list still continues :) )

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