Working from home: good or bad?

Since COVID-19, working from home became the greatest achievement for corporations’ employees.

There are industries where this thing can’t happen and they use to envy people who can WFH.

To be honest, I am not a 100% fan of working from home. There are for sure advantages of this, but for me was a little bit difficult to accommodate with this way of working. I have a lot of friends or relatives who use to say that I am lucky to work from home, but I try to explain to them that it is not everything pink in this situation.

Let me list below some advantages and disadvantages of working from home.


  • You can wake up later in the morning
  • You don’t waste money with transportation
  • You can wear comfortable clothes
  • You can respect a diet


  • You pay more money on bills (like energy, water, internet, etc.) because you work all day using them
  • You work all day long alone (exception: if you share your home with a workmate)
  • If there is any power outage or signal problems, this affects your work (usually office building have their own saving battery)
  • There is a tendency to work more than 8 hours per day (because you don’t waste any more time on traffic)
  • You can’t eat anymore in town

What about you? Do you work from home? Do you like it?

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