Performance review meeting

It is a healthy habit for companies to establish a performance review process with a certain periodicity.

It can induce a little bit of stress for the manager, but also the employee. The employee will think that it will be a long list of things he is doing wrong. The manager will think about what he has to do to treat each member of the team fair.

What you can do to reduce the stress associated with this review:

  • Understand the process and set proper expectations. It will be only assessments or also feedback? From only one side or also for both ones?
  • Preparation. Both parts have to prepare some ”statistics” with the results from the previous years, with the objectives and their progress.
  • Feet-forward. What would be the next steps? What do we want to achieve next?

Before you prepare for your performance review, prepare for a 1on1 session.

What about you? Did you have your performance review for the previous year?

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