From feedback to feedforward

Some years ago, working in a corporation, I heard about the concept of feedforward. It was quite new, but I understood quickly it meant due to his components: “feed” and “forward”.

At that moment, it was more like a statement because we didn’t implement it for real. But it helped us to be aware of it.

The difference between feedback and feedforward is that feedback refers to things from the past, but feedforward refers to things we propose for the future.

The feedback is an assessment of our performance or an overview of the problems we faced.

But feedforward is a thing we want to do and we are encouraged to adopt or to develop.

Why do we like feedforward:

  • It is focused on the growth mindset. It is future-oriented and it brings growth opportunities.
  • Extend the paths. It gives you alternatives and it can have an impact on solving a problem.
  • It is focused on a particular situation and it can connect multiple persons from the group

In the corporate environment, we grew a lot and there is a tendency for managers to pay more attention to the things that can be done better, not on mistakes.

If you don’t feel that this doesn’t suit the team you are on, take time to think if you want to continue in this kind of environment ;)

In the end, some ideas on how you can gain control of your time.

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