Wearing a short skirt

For this year, I want to start writing some articles on fashion or beauty area. Maybe it sounds very fancy, but I just want to write about the things I am doing or the things I like as a woman.

What date to choose to start these articles? 8th March of course - International Women’s Day.

The first topic on this: short skirts.

A skirt is a feminine sign in most cultures. Despite this, when I was young I didn’t like too much wearing skirts. Probably, when I became an adult and I start shopping for all kinds of things I discovered how beautiful skirts can be. And I started to like especially the short one because I like how they fit with my legs :).

I am not a big fashion expert, so I can not present a set of “sacred” rules on wearing a short skirt. But I can say some things I pay attention to when I wear this:

  • Shoes: I use to choose sneakers or any kind of shoes without heels.
  • The top: if my feet are naked, I try to cover (at least a little bit) my arms. Just to keep some proportions.
  • The print: if the skirt has a print, the shirt has to be in one color, preferred a neutral one.
  • Underwear: I use to choose shorts (like boxers or yoga shorts), in one color (black or nude). Tanga underwear reveals too much when the wind doesn't cooperate with you.
  • Bag: I am not used to wearing a big bag (even if I am so tented to put in a big bag a lot of things). I would obtain a small bag or a backpack.
  • Moves: avoid big moves. Be careful when you are driving or when you want to take something from the floor.
  • The most important thing: accept the compliments to receive.

What about you? Are you the type who wears pants or skirts?

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