Do you need a hug?

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As human beings, we need physical connection and hugging is a kind of connection that we receive since we were born.

Hugging can bring us multiple benefits:

  • It reduces stress levels - it decreases the cortisol
  • It reduces pain - it releases oxytocin
  • It improves relationships - there are studies made on adopted children
  • It makes you feel safe and secure. It makes you a more mindful and present person
  • It improves your heart health - it is associated with lower heartbeats 

Hugging can be felt awkward by some people. And it is normal because it violates your personal space.

If you are one of them, you can try to focus on your body when you’re hugging: what do you feel and where? Pay more attention to the feeling than to the thoughts.

Self-hugging can be a start if you want to be more comfortable with this.