Should I change myself or should I change the job?

This article is about how a person fits with the work environment and professional relationships, but also it applies to personal relationships.

We hear a lot of people who feel that they don’t fit with their work environment and this wastes a lot of their energy.

They are tired, they don’t feel comfortable with the team and they are not motivated by the activity.

A solution can be to change ourselves. But if we would have ten jobs during our lives, it is ok to change ourselves ten times?

Nowadays, the job market is pretty flexible in most domains. So, it worth suffering if we easier to change jobs?

Of course, you can not quit every job very easily. It is necessary to do an internal assessment to see what is the best choice for you:

  • You are the only person who has a problem?
  • What if your core values are ”violated” by this work environment?
  • What behaviors can you change to yourself to improve your mood?
In the end, I would recommend an article based on Daniel Goleman's theories related to what motivates us: here.