Looking with gentle eyes to the Faculty

This year I celebrate 10 years since I graduated from Faculty.

With today’s gentle eyes I am looking at that years and I miss all the experiences I had at that time.

I can’t say that everything I learned during Faculty I am using now. But for sure there are some important lessons I had and I still know them:

  • I still think that Faculty is important for every young man because it is the moment when you can find what you like and what you don’t like to do during your future professional life
  • Making connections is important. It is nice to see that most of the specialists you know for the moment, you met them during faculty and you grew together
  • Long-life-learning. It doesn’t matter the domain where you work. Always you will have something new to learn.
  • The team (or the group with whom you present a project) is important. Also the manager (the coordinator). You can have the biggest salary in the world, but if you can’t count on your team or you trust your manager - it doesn’t work.
  • Being available to offer - from what you have, but also from what you know. 
  • Being flexible for new tasks… new projects or new roles. Be proactive.
  • Put passion into your work and assume the decisions you take

There are some moments that I remember from the Faculty (festivities from the beginning of each year or the festivities from the end of the year, student conferences and parties for freshmen, exams, and diplomas).

For sure, the strongest memories are the people I met during that years. They were the biggest success for me.

Later edit: I was thinking lately about what kind of advice I would give today to the Faculty and to the educational system. And my advice would be to empower the student.

From the recruiter's perspective, I hear a lot of juniors (the recent graduates) that blame a lot of Faculty because they didn’t receive enough internships; or because the Faculty has to guide them on what kind of master's program to enroll; or because it is the teacher’s duty to guide them what to do their Bachelor degree thesis.

But … surprise: when you are in the corporate environment, even if you have a manager who gives you tasks, at the end of the year your activity will be assessed. And it is up to you if you are able to receive a salary increase or a promotion.

So, if I could change something, it would be to let the students choose more during their studies. If they are wrong, they will learn something from this and they will change their behavior. If they choose right, again - they will learn something from this.

A song to remember