Stay interviews

The year brought us real challenges for the engagement and turnover rate in the companies. Because of this, managers and HR specialists tried to look for new ways to improve team retention.

Stay interviews are a method for companies to talk with the employees and check their commitment. Usually, they are one-on-one meetings between the employee and the HR or the manager. They help a lot in building and raising team trust.

What can we talk about during these interviews?

  • The level of satisfaction with the feedback. Most of the employees are complaining that they don’t receive enough feedback. Getting specific and relevant feedback is an essential element for the development process of each employee. How qualitative is the feedback? What is the frequency? Or how would they want feedback to be?
  • The level of satisfaction with the job flexibility. 2020 ”forced” us to work remotely, but 2021 announced the hybrid working environment. Is it accepted by everyone? Would we accept an easier role to work from anywhere, but what about the time slot? Besides location and schedule, what are things are needed for a flexible environment?
  • Why did they choose this company and how would they recommend the company to a friend? There are important things to attract new talents.
  • How fulfilling is their activity? A lot of people quit their jobs because they don’t feel the purpose of their role. Does each employee understand how important is for their team? For the productivity, but also them (as persons)?
  • What would make them happier at work? Would it be training sessions? Or more money? Or better equipment at work?

These stay interviews can be sustained on a certain frequency (like twice per year). Also, depending on the group dynamics, it can sustain each time needed to retain employees. 

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