How you choose your glasses…

…taking into consideration your face shape

Disclaimer: This is my second article on beauty and fashion subjects (the first one, here). I know that this is not an HR-related topic, but it is something that might interest you as well. Let me know if so.

I wear glasses since I was in high school. I changed until now many pairs - some of them I liked a lot; some didn’t advantage of me entirely.

Of course, we can wear lenses, but personally, when I work on a laptop, I prefer glasses.

Also, during summer, most of us wear sunglasses. So it might help for many of us to understand how it is proper to choose your glasses taking into consideration your face shape.

What I did for this, was to search on different sites, and here is what I found.

First, measure your face:

  • Measure your face horizontally, right next to your cheeks, starting at one ear and ending at the other, over your nose. Write down the resulting number.
  • Measure the size of the jaw, passing over the chin, then write down the number.
  • Measure the widest part of the forehead, just above the eyebrows.
  • Measure the face size vertically, between the tip of the chin and the hairline, on the forehead.

Then, determine your face shape:

  • Oval face: the face size vertically is approximately larger than the size horizontally.
  • Round face: the size of the face vertically is approximately equal to the size horizontally.
  • Square face: the size of the forehead is almost equal to that of the jaw.
  • Triangular face: the size of the cheeks and forehead will be significantly larger than the size of the jaw, recorded in step
  • Heart face: it is something between a long and a round face. These faces are widest at the brow, narrowing down through to the chin with high cheekbones. 
In the end, find the type of glasses that fits you.